Puppies Downunder

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Puppies Downunder

Charlie and Sharon have been providing puppies to individuals and families in a professional manner for over six years. They are based in the Gippsland Region of Victoria and help individuals and families find the perfect puppy for their lifestyle. The couple’s goal is to make their customers happy and are committed to doing everything in their power to ensure the puppy they get is a perfect fit for the family. They take great pride in their work and have helped hundreds of people find the perfect puppy.

How to Choose Puppies Downunder

To ensure your puppy receives the best possible care, the owners of Puppies Downunder follow strict ethical standards in breeding and raising their dogs. They have the highest level of accreditation with the Victorian Securities and Investments Commission. They strive to meet the highest welfare standards in the industry and work hand in hand with the government to eliminate animal cruelty. This means that you can be sure that your puppy will be well cared for and have a long life.

A good microchip can help prevent a puppy from becoming a stray, or even an illegal immigrant. If your puppy is coming from overseas, it’s a good idea to get the microchip implanted before the pet travels. A good quality microchip will also make your puppy more adoptable, allowing you to enjoy your new home together. The staff at Puppies Downunder are knowledgeable and friendly. They hold the paws of the anxious dog while they wait for the passport to arrive.

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