Tattoo Artists London

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Tattoo Artists London

Tattoo artists London can be found at a variety of locations. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or tribal design, you’ll find it here. Some of the more popular choices are Nick Dawson and Andrew Dawson. Nick specialises in tribal Japanese designs while Andrew specialises in animal tattoos. Alternatively, you can check out Sang Bleu, a hip inking studio in Dalston that features international tattoo talent. Located on the outskirts of London, this studio features full colour designs.

You’ll want to book your appointment with an artist who can meet your schedule. Waiting times for tattoos will depend on the artist you choose. Some work on a walk-in system, while others offer slots within a few days. Generally, tattoo waiting times are two to three months. While most tattoo artists will require a consultation prior to the tattoo, some will give you ample time to draw up a design. Tattoo Artists London is another tattoo studio in London. It’s a gallery style shop with a wide range of tattoo designs, from traditional blackwork to abstract compositions. Their portraits are particularly impressive, and you can find skull tattoos and full back portraits there. The quality of their work is unmatched and they are known to have won awards for their work. This shop is worth a visit. If you’re looking for an exceptional tattoo in London, it’s best to choose a professional with a great reputation.


ONE DAY Tattoo Studio London
20 Arlington Way, London EC1R 1UY, United Kingdom
Phone: +442072097891

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